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  • What are these Hague regulations, and is your agency Hague compliant?
  • The Hague regulations govern certain international adoptions. Yes, we are compliant with Hague regulations as a Supervised Provider, and have successfully worked with many families adopting from Hague countries. In fact, a Nathanson Adoption Services home study was among the first Hague home studies ever approved by the U.S. Nathanson Adoption Services of North Carolina is a non-profit agency. We also carry $1 million in liability insurance. Feel free to have your child-placing agency contact us to establish this "Supervised Provider" relationship.
  • Do I need a high income to adopt?
  • No, you only need to demonstrate that you can adequately support a child.
  • Do I have to own my own home?
  • No, families who live in rental homes, apartments, modular homes, or other forms of housing are frequently approved.

    "Nathanson Adoption has prepared both homestudies and post placement reports for our international adoptions. Our social worker feels like a family friend and we have enjoyed working with her. Parisa has also been a great help. She has always replied quickly to our questions and requests. Our large adoption agency was very impressed with the quality homestudy report prepared by the Nathanson staff. We have and continue to highly recommend Nathanson."
    -Heather, Durham NC

  • What about "non-traditional families" or single-parent families, can we still adopt?
  • Yes, at Nathanson Adoption Services, we do not require you to be a traditional "mother/ father" family. We work with all people who wish to adopt. We look for people who have a love of children, a strong desire to become a parent, and the ability to care for and provide a stable home for a child.
  • I am disabled, can I still adopt?
  • We have a few families where one parent is disabled who have successfully completed adoptions. A situation such as this one needs to be reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • Are there age restrictions?
  • No, for an approved home study, there are no definite age restrictions for adoption. However, some child placement programs do have age restrictions. We will work with you to find the program that best suits your situation.
  • I have a criminal record, will I qualify to adopt?
  • Possibly. You will be required to provide an explanation and documentation of your record to your home study social worker and it will be evaluated on a case by case basis. We have many clients who have made mistakes in the past and are now proud adoptive parents.
  • I heard adoption is expensive, is that true?
  • The cost of adopting a child varies greatly. An international adoption or private agency adoption can cost between $10,000 and $30,000. Tax credits totaling up to $18,000 may be available to adoptive parents. In addition, many employers offer reimbursement of adoption expenses to their employees. We recommend families take advantage of these opportunities.
  • Both my spouse and I work, does one of us have to quit and stay home?
  • No. You will be asked about your child-care plans during the home study, but there is not one "correct answer." Many of our families consist of two working parents.
  • We have a questionable family history, will we be able to adopt?
  • Possibly, as each case is evaluated on its own merits. It is important to be open and honest with your social worker about problems your family may have had, whether it is substance abuse, criminal history, financial losses or marital problems.

    We do not judge people for previous difficulties. Rather, we applaud them for working through their problems and respect those who have overcome difficult obstacles.
  • Can you help me with the CIS (Immigration) process for an international adoption?
  • Yes, we can help you fill out the I-600A form, and instruct you about the specific requirements and procedures of the Charlotte CIS office. We can also help with all subsequent CIS issues. Nathanson Adoption Services is proud of our excellent relationship with the CIS office in Charlotte and we keep informed of all changes in the adjudication process.
  • Can you help me with the North Carolina Department of Social Services agencies involved in a domestic adoption?
  • Yes, we communicate frequently and directly with the Office of Interstate Compact in Raleigh concerning our families who are adopting from other states. Nathanson Adoption Services is proud of our excellent reputation with State agencies, as a responsive, professional home study agency.
  • We know we want to adopt, but haven't decided on the type of adoption, nor have we selected a child placing agency. Can you help to guide us in these areas?
  • Yes, during the course of the home study, we can advise you about your various adoption options, recommend child-placing agencies, and refer you to other adoptive parents who have completed the type of adoption you may be considering. We have found that our past clients are very glad to share their experiences and information with prospective adoptive parents, and we have a huge network of adoptive families throughout the state from which to draw.
  • How can I get started on my homestudy?
  • Simply download the brief application, fill it out, sign the fee agreement, and send them to us along with your check. You might also want to read the welcome letter.

    For most families, we assign a social worker the same day we receive these documents - so they can schedule their first homestudy meeting within a few days.
Carol, Raleigh
We have heard more than once from the staff of Nathanson Adoption Services that "The priority is the children" and they have stood behind that motto in action and deed over and over. Thanks Nathanson Adoption Services!
MaryBeth and Basil, Charlotte Area
We had a great experience with Nathanson Adoption Services with both our home study and our readopting of our twin boys from the Republic of Georgia. The agency was both professional and efficient.

- Davis and Nicholas, Republic of Georgia
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