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Types of Adoptions
Azerbaijan Babies

These are our Azerbaijan babies - five children adopted from Azerbaijan by different families in NC. When possible, we will introduce our clients to other local families who are pursuing a similar type of adoption - often creating long-lasting friendships for both the parents and the children!

Domestic Adoption
Domestic adoption refers to the adoption of a child living in the United States. It generally follows one of three routes:
  • The placement of a child through a public agency (such as the Department of Social Services) which primarily deals with children in the foster care system, older children, and children with "special needs."
  • The placement of a child through a licensed private adoption agency. Typically, private domestic agencies place newborn babies, although they can place older children as well.
  • The independent placement of a child by the child's birth parents directly with the prospective adoptive parents, often assisted by an attorney. This process requires the prospective parents to locate a child available for adoption.

Why domestic adoption?
Many people select domestic adoption because it is possible to adopt a newborn baby domestically. Also, you may have information about the prenatal care of the child, health of the birthmother, the medical history of the birthparents and an opportunity to meet your child's birthparents.

International Adoption
International adoption involves adopting a child from outside the United States. In a majority of international adoptions, children are adopted from orphanages, although sometimes they come from a foster care situation.

After you have selected your home study agency and child placing agency, the process of international adoption involves three things:
  1. Begin the home study process.
  2. Apply for approval from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (formerly INS) to bring the child home.
  3. Prepare your dossier. The dossier is the packet of documents that is sent to the other country to support your request to adopt. You will work closely with your child-placing agency to prepare your dossier.
  4. There can be a lot of paperwork involved, but it is manageable and your agency will help you every step of the way.
Why International Adoption?
People choose international adoption for a variety of reasons. They may feel an affinity for a certain country or culture. Some people take the humanitarian approach of wanting to give a home to a child from an orphanage in an impoverished area of the world. Others are more comfortable with no connection to the child's birthparents.

Factors to consider when deciding what type of adoption is best for you:
  • Time factor, how long you will have to wait
  • Health of the child
  • Age of the child
  • Ethnicity/race of the child
  • Knowledge of parental health, and the child’s family health history
  • Ability to meet the birth parents
  • Comfort with international travel
  • Cost
  • Comfort with risk- both emotional and financial
Renee and Greg, Asheville
The staff at Nathanson Adoption Services were always courteous, professional, and quickly responsive to our needs and requests. They were the one part of the adoption process that never made us wait, and that's hard to find!

- Carina, Russia
Kelly and Pete, Huntersville
Pete and I want to thank you for all of your help with our adoptions. You were always there for us and your support and advice helped to make some difficult times a little easier. You are one of the very few people we met who is in the adoption business for the right reasons!
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